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EXPERTs OF the Mindfulness ACADEMY

We bring together the best!

As you can see from our photos, this is a place where people collaborate! Great, competent, reflected, conscious and happy colleagues.

We all know the challenges of daily life, both private and professional.
We all enjoy sharing our experience and expertise.
We all live mindfulness.
We all enjoy learning.
We all are on the way.

Walk a part of your way with us! Afterwards your path will be easier, I promise!



Susanne Strobach MSc

Susanne is the initiator & founder of Mindfulness-Academy (Achtsamkeits-Akademie). 

She initiated and developed, together with Karlheinz Valtl, Klaus Kirchmayr and Helga Luger-Schreiner, the curriculum of the Masters‘ course „Mindfulness in education, counselling and health care“ for KPH Vienna/Krems.

Susanne holds a European Master of Science Degree in „mediation & management of conflicts“, she is a business-consultant focusing on human resources‘ development, mediator as well as a teacher of mediation, coach, author and a producer of DVDs.

For more than 20 years, she is working as a coach for businesses, schools and health care-institutions.

She is an active member of the AFNB-Trainer’s Network - Academy for neuroscience and cognitive management in education & member of the expert’s advisory-council for family-questions of ÖBM (Austrian federal assembly for mediation).

Susanne is author of several books,  the newest being released on 20.02.2020  concerning the topic „The best is yet to come! How to walk happy, calm and healthy into the next period of life.”, which she wrote together with Hanni Reichlin-Meldegg.

Drin. Karin Schreiner

Karin studied philosophy and social anthropology in Vienna and subsequently lived and worked for many years in several countries within and outside Europe.

Since returning to Vienna in 2003, she has worked as an intercultural trainer and coach for companies and institutions through her company Intercultural Know How - Training & Consulting and as a lecturer in intercultural management and communication at Austrian universities.

Her mission is to facilitate intercultural confrontation and to develop competences that help to positively face cultural diversity at work as well as in everyday life.

Karin is author of several books.

Mag.a Doris Göbl

Doris is company owner of Focus Consult, an independent management consultancy specialized in the fields of resilience, stress prevention, communication, leadership and career counselling. Her focus is in counselling and training clients with business, university or academic background.

Having graduated with economics degrees from universities in Austria and the USA, she offers an extensive professional background ranging from employment for a multinational company (IBM) to ten years of experience as personnel consultant for two renown executive consultancies. In each case, Doris immersed herself in both, the targets and requirements of her employers as well as in the mindset of each company and its employees.

15 years of lecturing experience at diverse universities have given her expertise in the fields of training and lecturing.

Doris has an education in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), is graduate business and communication trainer, graduate coach, medical certified mental trainer and certified trainer for mindfulness in organisations.

Thorsten Kondla

Simply. Being. Human. Now! - The Art of Living Leadership in Life.

Thorsten is international Leadership coach and trainer.

He is Managing Director of the Neuroleading LAB, and founder of Embodiwerk®.

Due to his more than 30 years of experience in ZEN KarateDo, as well as leadership experience in his own companies, he is passionate about understanding, and making use of basic body-mind concepts.

His Presence-Based Leadership approach integrates the Far Eastern ZEN martial arts tradition, and mindfulness practice, cognitive neuroscience, embodiment and resource-oriented self-organization.

Executives who are leading in complexity use this action-oriented training to increase clarity, compassion, resilience and results that matter.

Thorsten is trained as mindfulness trainer, qualified mental trainer, personal / business coach, Ontological coach, textile business economist, teacher for Zen KarateDo (3rd Dan). Member of the Academy for Neuroscientific Education Management (AFNB) and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Languages: German, English


Tina holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies. She spent many years in Asia to broaden her understanding of Buddhist psychology and philosophy as well as to deepen her meditation. For decades she worked as an interpreter for teachers of Tibetan Buddhism and thus as a bridge between different cultures.

At present she is working as a mindfulness teacher (MBSR, MSC, IMP) and trains future MBSR teachers. She also offers mindfulness-based coaching to support the capacity to deal with challenges in both one’s job and private life with mindfulness. She teaches in the framework of the MA study program Mindfulness in Education, Consultation, and Healthcare, has authored a number of articles and books and guides mediation retreats.  

Her priority is to point to the broad scale of mindfulness: mindfulness as an elixir of life which—provided one is training consistently—can truly bring about deep and wholesome transformations.


Christa is a yoga and children's yoga teacher and completed training as a MBSR teacher at the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches in Würzburg, Germany. She has several years' experience in yoga and meditation practice, is a course leader and regularly participates in retreats at home and abroad.

She is the head of the "Municipality" sector of the Lower Austrian Initiative "Tut gut!" and a co-developer of the university course "Regional health coordinator, academic expert (AE)" at Danube University Krems. As a member of the course management team and a tutor, her primary activities include the support of municipalities in creating the corresponding boundary conditions for health promotion and for prevention.

Christa is a dietician and spent some years in the clinic sector. After this period in which she also held the position on a freelance basis and handled nutrition projects, she studied health management alongside her work duties and commenced her task in municipal health promotion. 

Dr. Karlheinz Valtl

Karlheinz ist Bildungswissenschafter, Senior Lecturer am Zentrum für LehrerInnenbildung der Universität Wien, Trainer für Hochschuldidaktik an TU Wien und Universität für Bodenkultur Wien.

Seit 1995 ist er Referent in der beruflichen Fort- und Weiterbildung nahezu aller pädagogischen Berufe.

Bis 2012 war er acht Jahre Leiter transnationaler Bildungsprojekte der Handwerkskammer München, sowie von 1994 bis 2012 Trainer, Lehrtrainer und Vorsitzender am Institut für Sexualpädagogik, Dortmund (isp).

Seine Arbeitsschwerpunkte sind: Pädagogik der Achtsamkeit, Sozial-emotionales Lernen (SEL) und Sozial-emotionale Kompetenzen von Lehrpersonen (SEC), Hochschuldidaktik und Didaktik der Erwachsenenbildung, Gender- und Sexualpädagogik, Pädagogische Supervision/Coaching und bildungs-wissenschaftliche Praxisreflexion.

Seit 2016 organisiert er zweimal jährlich das Symposium „Pädagogik der Achtsamkeit“ an der Universität Wien.

Zusammen mit Susanne Strobach, Helga Luger-Schreiner und Klaus Kirchmayr hat er den Masterstudienlehrgang „Achtsamkeit in Bildung, Beratung und Gesundheitswesen“ entwickelt.

Mag.a art. Helga Luger-Schreiner                                      

Helga is a certified Mindful Self-Compassion MSC trainer (UC San Diego), Metta-meditation teacher, trainer for Mindful Compassionate Parenting MCP, an art teacher, art therapist and artist.
On behalf of the City school Board of Vienna, she developed the concept of the project "Mindfulness in School and Teacher Training" and leads this project at the ZLB, University of Vienna.

She is part of the development team of the master's program "Mindfulness in Education, Consulting and Healthcare" at the KPH Vienna, and is a lecturer there.

She is a lecturer and course instructor at arbor-seminare, at the competence center for children and adolescents and many other institutions. She founded and led a free school with focus on mindfulness and creativity in the 90s.

She co-authored the book "Self-Compassion Therapy Tools", published by Beltz 2019.

She offers workshops and retreats based on the inspiring combination of artistic processes with mindfulness and self-compassion training at her own institute www.powerful-heART.at and at various places all over the world.

Dennis Johnson

Mag. Dennis Johnson

Dennis is an instructor for mindfulness-based interventions (MBSR, MSC) and a psychosocial attendant.Next to his activities as a researcher and lecturer, he also has extensive experience as a freelance translator, editor and interpreter for German and English.

After completing a degree program in Tibetan and Buddhist Studies at the University of Vienna, Dennis initially worked for many years as a librarian at the South Asian Studies Library. He then completed a propaedeutic psychotherapy training course and trained in various mindfulness-based interventions. In the context of an internship, he also worked as a clinical research assistant at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

His current main interest are transdisciplinary and transcultural approaches in theory and practice that are based on traditional knowledge as well as modern research and have the potential to provide new paradigms for personal, social and cultural transformation. Dennis is a board member of the European Transpersonal Association.

Nana Walzer, PhD

Nana is a communication expert, author, presenter and trainer living in Vienna, Austria.

She received her doctoral degree from the Institute of Communication Sciences at the University of Vienna/Austria, and gives lectures on communication in different Austrian university courses as well as regularly appears as expert for communication in Austrian media, e.g. at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF, in both television and radio.

With her company Walzer COM – Center for applied Communication, she trains and develops individuals and institutions in the fields of branding and positioning, change and leadership, communication and strategy. In her work she presents effective methods to develop human personalities and society, focusing on the interconnectedness of individual, interpersonal and transpersonal interaction. In 2018 she was honored by the Republic of Austria with the Europa-Staatspreis.

“Die Kunst der Begegnung” (”The Art of Connection”), 2016 Braumüller Verlag
“Die Evolution der Menschlichkeit” (”The Evolution of Humanity”), 2017 Braumüller Verlag
“Open Minded Leadership”, 2017 LIT Verlag.
“Die Bildung der Menschlichkeit für junge Menschen“ (“The Education of Humanity for Youth“) and „Die Bildung der Menschlichkeit für Erwachsene“ (“The Education of Humanity for Adults“), both 2019 Braumüller Verlag.


Dorrit is a lawyer and founder of the consulting and training company „working balance“. She is specialised in establishing mindfulness in businesses, including the fields of New Work and Mindful Leadership.

After graduation with a lawyers´degree in Austria and a Mastes´ degree in the USA, she had held various positions in the business environment., at last as authorized officer in a private medical facility for assisted reproduction. Being in charge of HR, she is quite familiar with the needs of staff on the one hand and, on the other hand, as a member of the management body, with the concerns and tasks of the directors. Her special assets are excellent negotiation skills and hands-on abilities in solving workspace conflict situations.

14 years of holding seminars and trainings for a European Enterprise Network have refined her skills as a trainer and instructor. Besides, she speaks five languages in addition to her native German.